Farewell and Thank you to Rachel and Tom

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It was with sadness that the Deaf Church es of Leeds and West Yorkshire said farewell to Rachel Wilson in July. Rachel moves to become a house for Duty Priest as assistant curate at  Pocklington in the York Diocese. We also marked the retirement of Tom Bevan as a lay reader. Many thanks to them both for their years of service

Rachel Wilson  started work in the Deaf community as a Teacher of Deaf children and is married to   Keith a retired forester, whose work mainly involved community and amenity woodland work and creation. They have  lived and worked in West Yorkshire most of their  married life and lived in Haworth when their  girls were growing up.

They have two daughters, Kathryn, now 30, and Miriam, 24.

Following early retirement from teaching and her training and ordination, Rachel served her curacy and first ministerial post in Long Preston with Tosside and Slaidburn, below Settle in North Yorkshire, between 2003 and 2010. During this time she began ministry within the Deaf community, using and developing her sign language skills, and worked with Deaf people across the whole of what was to become the new Anglican Diocese of Leeds in West Yorkshire and the Dales whilst continuing her role within the parishes.

In 2010 Rachel  moved to live in Pool when Keith retired from his work in Burnley and Rachel became House for Duty Assistant Priest in the parishes of the Benefice of Lower Wharfedale while continuing her work with Deaf peole workign along Rev Bob Shrine.  She continued to work alone for some time aster Bob Shrine's retirement until she was joined by Rev Mark Smith in July 2015 

The move to Pocklington brings Rachel a step nearer to her parents who live in Sleights, making visits much easier, as they move into their 90s. For now her work with Deaf people is on hold, but she may pick up some aspect of this specialist ministry in the years to come if the opportunity arises.


Tom Bevan has given many  years of service as a lay reader and now enters well deserved retirement from that role . He continues to active in Deaf Church. He has a love for God and a heart to reach our into the Deaf Community. Diane Colville  continues as our only remaining Deaf Reader.    

Doncaster School & College get £10,000 Cash boost

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A cash boost of £10,000 from Children in Need has brought good News to  The Doncaster Deaf Trust, where children are to benefit from a brand new sensory room.

The money means  means the new room can be built, to help children who have difficulty with communication on many different levels. Equipment to stimulate and calm within the room will include fibre optics, cushioned flooring, bubble tubes, light projectors and touch with sound equipment. New and positive experiences aids improvements in communication.

DEX Comedy Workshops with John Smith Featured

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On Saturday 2nd April , John Smith came to our region to lead ta a workshop for DEX  youngsters on the topic of Deaf Culture and Deaf Comedy. 12 deaf young people came to watch him sign.
John explained on how deaf culture evolved through the years with Deaf schools closing down and more deaf people going to mainstream schools. Further, more deaf people having cochlear implants.  
Later, the deaf young participants signed of their experiences at mainstream schools and told of funny moments happening during their school times.

In the afternoon, John introduced Deaf comedy and he drew his inspirations from Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, Tommy Copper and Benny Hill among others. He distinguished different comedy types such as black humour, slapstick and so on. 
Four deaf young people had a go as budding comedians with John watching. We all cheered the four on!
At the end, John Smith did comedy sketches with his old hearing aid and he had us all laughing with tears in our eyes! We all giggled and marvelled at his visual comedy skills.